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    FREE: Coupe A/B/C pillar trim pieces (left and right) | black | fabric peeling off

    Hi all,

    I just bought new A/B/C pillar trim pieces for both the driver's and passenger's side of my '04 coupe and have no use for the old pieces I took out.

    Aesthetically, they are not in great shape: the reason I replaced them is that the fabric is falling off all 6 pieces in the usual way you'd expect after nearly 20 years. If anyone can make use of these, they're yours for free. (Maybe someone wants to practice gluing new fabric on to see if they an make it work?)

    Currently in northwestern CT. Happy to try my best to make a local-ish handoff, or box and ship at your expense. These go to the dump in 2 weeks if nobody claims them.

    2004 E46 330ci ZHP Coupe | Mystic Blue/Black Leather

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    By chance do you still have them? I'd like to restore mine but would love to practice on these.

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    Where’d you source your new ones from? How much did that come out to, total? Thanks!

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    Shop Advance Auto Parts
    FCP Euro has them.
    If you have a solid upholstery shop they can reskin the old ones.
    2003 330i ZHP; Imola/Alcantara 6 speed, 2002 330xi ZSP; Blue gray/Black 5 speed

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