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    Garage rental Cape Cod

    Hi I am moving from MD to the Eastham MA. I currently have 3 cars, 2004Ci, 2002 M3 vert and 2006 325xi wagon. Where we are now we have three parking places. When we move to the Cape we will only have two. I keep trying to convince myself to sell the M3 but just can't get there. Anybody have any suggestions for car storage in the Eastham, Orleans, Wellfleet area on the Cape?

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    I was in a similar situation a couple years ago. I looked on CL and found some ads renting spots in apartment buildings. You may want to check into that.
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    For the first winter I was in MI, I stored the Zhp in a 20x10 storage unit. Made sure they were OK with storing a car etc. and didnít have any issues. Back in 2015 it was about $120 or so per month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharadnM3 View Post
    Anybody have any suggestions for car storage in the Eastham, Orleans, Wellfleet area on the Cape?
    Reach out to Steve (SNA77). He's in MA . . . perhaps he can give you some sound recommendations

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    +1 on CL ..facebook too.

    Once you get there (or before) reach out to a real estate agent that does a lot of rental work. He/she may know of something.

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    I've used this place in Mashpee. It's fantastic:

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