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    I JUST had this happen to me last Thursday in my 1985 Mustang. It was on a NoCo Genius 1 tender for about 6 weeks. I removed the charger and it exploded blowing the top off the battery when I went to start the car. In the process of RMAing the charger. Boy did it make a mess though with acid everywhere. What kind of charger were you using?

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    BMW Charger. Just about the same sequence. I disconnected my charger prior to starting the first crank, then BOOM! I maintain the trickle charge. Only take out twice a month.

    Yours blew the top. Mine blew both positive and negative side and the inspection covers. Just about the same. Like the article says...possible Hydrogen gases.....
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    Hydrogen gas was involved for sure. Both of you were lucky. Were these vented correctly? That little tube / elbow thing? Also I don’t recognize the brand. I’ve been sticking to known brands / Napa, exide / Duracell / optima / interstate.

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