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    I had my front bumper resprayed recently and the fitment looks like this. Will a new support bracket help in this case?

    Attachment 40240
    The lower brackets we've been talking about probably wouldn't be the issue in your case. I would guess that the upper bracket / guide has come loose on your bumper cover and needs to be reattached.

    Or the white plastic bracket that bolts to the fender is broken.

    Or when it was reassembled it may have just not been seated correctly.

    When I fixed my bumper both of those upper brackets that are part of the bumper cover were loose. From the factory they are slotted into some tabs, and the tabs are melted down on top of the bracket to join the two pieces together. The fix is to use some high strength glue like 3M windo weld, or in my case I used LORD fusor.

    These are the melt weld tabs shown with the upper bracket removed. They seem to be a pretty common failure point.

    Here's what the fitment looked like before I reattached the bracket on the RH side.

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    Thank you for the detailed explanation. Sadly, I didn't pay attention to the fitment before the bumper was resprayed. I mentioned it to the body shop guy and he said that's the best he could do.

    I will leave it as-is. The bumper looks way better than before, that's for sure.
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