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    Quote Originally Posted by slater View Post
    yep, they are visible to me.

    and...this is incredible, mark! amazing. i've actually been looking for a good plastic adhesive - i will check out the LORD Fusor stuff you mentioned, as i have to reattach a broken bumper mount on my son's 325Ci.

    Cool, glad to know the pics are showing up. Must be an issue on my end.

    And thanks! It was a fun project to recreate these brackets since you can't really buy them otherwise... it's kinda strange that BMW doesn't sell them separately, but I suppose it's because it's a subcomponent of the larger bumper cover.

    Lord Fusor is good stuff. It's kind of expense up front because you also have to get the special applicator gun, and there is also primer spray / reinforcement mesh, if you need it. But the applicator gun can be reused over and over, and the primer spray and mesh are good for many repairs in the future.

    I had to reattach the upper mount on one side of the bumper too and that also seems to be holding fine. I've scraped on a few driveway approaches and so far, so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ///Mark_D View Post
    Did you need just one side, or both?
    Mark, when you're ready I will want both sides. Thanks!! Awesome progress!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    Mark, when you're ready I will want both sides. Thanks!! Awesome progress!!
    It might be cheaper for you to just order a set directly from Xometry. They had the best prices back when I ordered last year. I don't have my own 3D printer, unfortunately.

    If you download the files I posted on google drive you can upload them into their instant quote software to get a price. I had them printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion, made from Polypropylene to match the same material as the bumper.

    Could also print them with ABS or Nylon material on an SLS printer, but I'm not sure about strength.

    The prices Xometry quoted did go down substantially with quantities above just a single part each, so if there is anyone else interested I could potentially organize a group buy. The cost savings on the per unit price might be lost on the additional shipping cost though. Depends on how many people would be interested I guess.

    Otherwise if anyone here has a 3D printer, feel free to go nuts. Over on E46 Fanatics someone printed one for himself that seemed to turn out well. He might be willing to run a few more, I just sent him a PM to see. I can pass along his info if he's interested.

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    Thanks for doing this! I need both sides as well, so these files will be helpful!!! If you were selling these, I’d be a buyer for sure.

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    I'll check the prices again on Xometry and post the latest prices and shipping cost here. Might make sense to do a group buy, and I'd be on board to buy a spare set to have on hand to help bring the cost per piece down.

    The other guy on E46 fanatics said the one he printed on his own turned out OK, but the quality of his print wasn't as good as the ones from Xometry, so he wasn't really comfortable selling them.

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    I uploaded the parts for a quote, qty 3 each left and right.

    Splitting that total cost of $203.82 equally three ways would get us each a set of left and right parts for 67.94 per person, plus shipping from me to you would add 9.05 for a USPS flat rate small box for a grand total of $77.00

    I also ran the quote to see what it would cost to order the parts yourselves individually, and the price per unit jumps up quite a bit. For a quantity of 1 each left and right side it would be $122.66 if you ordered direct.

    If you guys want to do the group buy let me know and I can get them on order. We could also wait a day or two to see if anyone else wants to join in. Adding additional quantities above 3 really doesn't change the price per unit much, so the total cost would be the same for anyone else who wanted to join, $77

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    I would be in for a set.

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    So far it looks like we've got 4 people on board including myself for a spare set. Anyone else interested in getting in on a group buy?

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    I had my front bumper resprayed recently and the fitment looks like this. Will a new support bracket help in this case?

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