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    19x8.5 et35 square setup

    Hello everyone, I need to get new tires so I'm upgrading wheels in .y 2005 zhp coupe with stock suspension and 75k miles in it.

    I would like to get a set of apex wheels ac7's in 19x8.5 et35.

    I know a lot of people are against it but I really like the looks of 19's. I don't daily the car, I put maybe 1k miles a year and our roads are in good shape. I have the stock 19's in my e92 m3 comp package and to me it feels great and haven't had any issues with 19's.

    Would it work without any issues or mods, i want to keep the car aligned to specs and don't want to mess with the fenders. Apex suggested 235 or 245/30 tires. I would like to go 245 if possible as I assume 235 is a bit of a stretch?

    I have a picture of the zhp with the e92 359 wheels but I dont know how to download it to the site. The are to wide for the zhp but from the side it looks very nice to me.


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    Here are some common tire sizes that are recommended for 19×8.5 rims:
    225/35 R19
    235/35 R19
    235/40 R19
    245/35 R19
    245/40 R19
    255/35 R19
    255/40 R19

    Obviously fitment on our ZHP will depend on offset, selected tire width, suspension & bodywork clearance. Have you looked through posts at the wheel/tire/suspension forum to see if anyone else has done this?
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