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    coolant pipe mystery

    Changing my under-intake manifold coolant pipes. As expected, the ends of the pipes broke off when I removed them. No problem with the lower one but the upper one has been a problem. Only about 1/2 of the tip of the hose broke off. Since it wasn't a full ring I couldn't hook it with anything. It just laid there where I could feel it with my finger but with no way to grab it. I decided to attach a small hose to my wet vac and see if I could suck it out. When I was done vacuuming the little crescent of plastic was no longer there but also wasn't in my wet vac. Since I was sucking coolant out I don't know how I could have driven the piece further into the head. The question is: where could it be? And, what should be my next step? Help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you’re talking about the one close to the water pump, then I had the same issue and I had to remove the water pump to remove the small plastic piece that fell in.

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    No, I am talking about the other inlet for the heater pipe.

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    Had a similar issue today. I already have the thermostat and water pipe removed. I’m going to get one of those little boroscope camera things and see if I can find it. Otherwise I think I might use water pressure to see if I can push it out or something.

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