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    Wireless Charging

    Haven't posted here in a while but I still lurk on this forum since this and E46 are one of the last ones standing.

    I had the Induktiv wireless charger installed in my car recently and to my surprise, its very, very OEM like. You can watch my review here.

    If you want a condensed review, view here

    If you do buy one, make sure to use code: "danielchoi" to receive 10% off!

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    That looks like a pretty clean option, however I still like to have my cupholders which I already only have two of and this would cut down to one. I have been trying to come up with a clean wireless charging option for my car and since I already have the Rennline mount, which I love, I have been trying to adapt a magsafe charger to fit on the ball mount. I recently discovered that Rennline already makes a magsafe charger kit to upgrade your mount but its $95. I also dont like that it plugs in at the bottom which most chargers like that do, but is really not that big of a deal because when the phone is mounted it hides the cable anyways.

    What I did in my car was take the magsafe pad from an old charger for my wife's car, 3d printed a ball mount that would fit it (the Rennline ball mount was too big) and then attached it to the bracket. Then I ran a USB cable from my carplay adapter which is stored behind my radio under the dash, and I ran it through the glove box so it hides nicely along the side of the center divider and runs right to the back of the pad. Its not a 100% clean solution since the cable is still visible (barely) but I like how its turned out so far.
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