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    Heat shield temporary fix


    I wanted to share this temporary fix to a rattling exhaust manifold heat shield issue I had. I recently did about a week's worth of work (on and off) to change out my coils, plugs, 02 pre-sensors, and manifold gasket. I discovered the source of this awful rattling sound and determined it was the rearmost shield. The front shield though was very stable.

    I tried to braze it, but it didn't hold. I tried to rivet them together with a strip of aluminum bar stock, but didn't have enough room for the rivet gun. So I found an independent mechanic who tried to TIG it, but the lack of space and some other technical issue prevented him from making a successful weld. The final solution was to utilize the rivet holes I drilled and wire tie them together with a wire twisting plier. It actually works well and there's no rattling at all. Of course it doesn't look great, but considering the cost (time and money) to remove the exhaust headers, remount new shields, etc., this was money well spent and definitely cost effective. I'm sure both will rattle off over time, but for now, no more rattling. Edit: i paid the guy $60 total for the time and effort he took to try to TIG it an then the wire tie solution.

    Link to a tool similar to what he used:



    I want to make double sure here that I'm not going to blow myself, the ZHP, and my house up: I have an exhaust heat shield that is loose but still connected. It's the source of my engine rattling. As much as I want to have someone zap this with a TIG, it'll cost me $75 (cheapest quote I got). Looking on the internet, another option is to braze the two heat shields together. I just want to make sure that if I go this route, I won't heat up a gas line. I'm 99% sure there's no gas line near the heat shield and exhaust header, but I'm still new to this car. Seems the closest fuel line is on top of the engine manifold area.

    Confirmation / validation appreciated. Thanks!
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    No gas lines over there but you can also just rip the heat shields off with some pliers. No shame in that - they tear away from the gasket part pretty easily.

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    Thanks for the validation. If they get super loose, I'll probably end up doing that. Shame that the design is so poorly thought out and the way it's welded too.

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