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    Impending Problems?

    Long story. Bear with me.......Lots of stoopid mistakes.

    I was on way to LV last week when I lost coolant due to lose Radiator Cap to Reservoir (my fault when I thought I tighten the cap all the way when I checked the coolant prior). I did notice reservoir was running low around after Barstow. But I thought it was the reservoir for the windshield washer tank. Temp outside was running at 115 deg. Pulled off an exit before Baker and waited for tow truck and flatbed to LV. Refilled coolant and eliminated all air bound in the system when engine has cooled down. Test run and all was good. Made the run back to San Diego with temps @ 110 deg outside with no problems and temp remained midfield. No leaks.

    Will there be any foreseeable problems with the cooling system in the future? All Cooling system parts (Radiator, pump, reservoir, hoses, coolant etc.) were replaced less than 2 years ago.

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