My wife Kristen (Kpro) has decided to sell the 135 while it still has low mileage and in perfect shape... What could she buy to one up a fully modded 135? an M2 of course! I fought her a bit on buying a new car because they depreciate so quick but It's her money and her car AND a happy wife is a happy life, right?

She custom ordered it as these cars are so popular they're basically order only right now. She wanted minimal configuration so no sunroof and only option is Apple iPlay and the standard 3 pedals. The car comes pretty much optioned out. The only feature option is the executive package and the only thing I'd want from that would be the adaptive LED headlights. I really like the wheels that come on this car especially with the color she chose. As far as mods, it doesn't really need a whole lot. Her short list for the exterior is a CF rear diffuser ( which already showed up in the mail) CF mirror shells, CF rear spoiler and CF splitters... basically the same exterior mods she has on the 135. The only thing on the engine/drive train mod list for now is a new charge pipe and blow off valve as the OEM one has some issues.

She originally wanted another Alpine White but I talked her into Long Beach Blue. It was an extra $500 but it's a stunning color. Since she works for Rick Hendrick BMW, she gets a massive $6500 discount plus a reduced delivery fee.

She took the performance center delivery which we're very excited about. The center is only a few hours away so that will be a fun trip! Production started on 3/21/18. She can follow the production through the dealer software...Looks like it will be finished on 4/20/18 She is very excited! Hopefully, my ZHP will be back on the road by then so we can drive that out there.

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